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Best CIO Mailing List Providers In USA

The Chief Information Officer, or simply CIO is a title given to the senior executive officer of a company who deals with IT and computer systems to meet the company’s goals. CIOs are the important decision makers who are sometimes also referred to as Chief Digital Information Officer or Information Technology Director. They greatly contribute to setting the business goals as the storage, transmittal, and analysis of information grows all across the industry. These officers are the main decision-makers who are responsible for making decisions regarding the development of new IT systems, purchasing IT services and equipment, and so on.

We understand that CIOs make a profitable target for myriads of IT services and products, especially the enterprise planning applications, and tools. ServeIT Data helps you pitch your IT products to the CIOs by providing you with a supreme quality CIO. We make sure our customized and pre-packed email list meets your marketing campaign requirements. With the help of our CIO email addresses list, you can reach out and hassle-freely interact with the clients who hold top position and authority within their organization. In our email lists, you will find all the necessary contact information about CIOs, using it, you can execute email, direct mail, telephone and other marketing campaigns.

Best CIO Mailing List Providers In USA ​

Salient Features of Our CIO Mailing Database

ServeIT Data is known for providing the highest quality CIO email lists at the most competitive prices. Our email lists are built with great accuracy and legally sourced data, which makes us stand apart from our competition. Here are some key reasons why you should invest in our email lists and databases :

High-Quality Opt-in Data
Unlike other email list providers offering you a poor quality list with outdated and irrelevant data at luring prices, we provide you with the most accurate Optin data that ensures higher response rate.

Multi-tier Verification
At ServeITData, we never compromise on the quality of data we provide our clients. Hence, we carry out a multi-step verification process on the collated data before finally adding it to your CIO contact list. Our thorough verification process ensures that you'll have the most valuable and interested prospects in your network.
Broad Coverage
With our comprehensive CIO mailing database, you can stay certain about reaching your potential clients from all over the world. We help you reach the CIOs in the US, Australia, Europe, UK, India, Germany, and more.

On-demand Customization
If our prepackaged CIO email list doesn't meet your marketing demands, then don't worry. We offer on-demand customization. You can tell us the factors on the basis of which you want your email list to be customized, and we will work our best to exceed your expectations.
95% Deliverability & 100% Accuracy
We are known for our high deliverability rates. Our CIO mailing lists aren't only accurate and correct, they offer over 95% of deliverability rate as well. And that's not enough, you will also have the advantage of zero bounce back rates.

Get Your Mailing List Customized Based On

CIO Full Name

CIO Company Name

Physical Location

Email Address



Zip Code

Number of Employees

CIO Phone Number

Fax Number


And More!

Achieve Higher Performance and Business Growth With Our CIO Email Address List

Achieve Higher Performance and Business Growth With Our CIO Email Address List

Having the right target audience is important for achieving success in marketing ventures. Therefore, we closely work with you to study your target market and target audience and then create the best email list accordingly. We offer a number of options to help you narrow down the list as per your niche. These options include Public or Private Organization, Industry, SIC Codes, Annual Sales and Revenue, Credit Rating, and more. With our CIO email list, we help you establish one-to-one communication with the right CIOs in the regions including the UK, US, Europe, Australia, Middle East, South Africa, Japan, Asia, etc.

Our Data Sources

To provide you with such a reliable database, we gather the data from hundreds of authentic sources. These sources include journals, government records, business directories, yellow pages, trade exhibitions, surveys, business conferences, magazine subscriptions, private/public business events and more.

Further, we update and verify our CIO email database every four months to maintain its accuracy and uniqueness. Know that our email databases are 100% human and AI Verified. On top of it, they are anti-spam law and GDPR compliant, making your data completely legitimate.

Our Data Sources ​
Why Choose ServeITData ​

Why Choose ServeITData?

If you’re looking for the most reliable and trusted CIO email list providers, then there is no better option than ServeIT Data!

With more than 10 years of experience in this field, we have been providing the best Optin data and error free email list to our clients. This is the reason why our clients trust us with their business requirements.

If you’re still in dilemma as to whether or not to work with us, here are some reasons:


Yes, all of our CIO email lists and databases are GDPR as well as CAN and ANTI-CAN-SPAM laws compliant. This ensures a higher deliverability and zero bounce rates. Moreover, our data experts run a thorough verification and validation process to filter out non-relevant and cold leads.

ServeIT Data's comprehensive CIO email list serves multiple purposes. You can use it for multi-channel marketing to gain valuable leads and profits. Besides, it helps you to understand your customers and make informed business decisions.

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